Fairborn YMCA Adult Racquetball League

Adult Racquetball League Rules

Posted Fri Mar 26, 2010 - 03:24 PM

Rules & Regulations

General Rules
• All players must be a member at one of the Dayton Association YMCAs.
• All games will be played at the Fairborn YMCA.
• All games will follow the rules set forth by the United States Racquetball Association (USRA) with the exception of any rules set
forth by the Fairborn YMCA Programs Director.
• All matches will be self-judged and the rally will be replayed if both players cannot agree on a call-judgment call only.
• All league members shall adhere to the Fairborn YMCA rules at all times. This shall include start/stop times, spectators, by-
standers, and children.
• Protective eyewear is recommended.
• Racquetball shoes are required (shoes must not leave marks on the wood floors).
• League season shall be 8 weeks with a tournament following.

Lead Player

Each game will have a randomly designated Lead Player that will be responsible for reserving the court, communicating game results, rescheduling; etc. They are somewhat the Game Captain. Lead players will be the first player listed on the match schedule.
• All play is singles with three games to 15 points, winning by one or more points. In the event time runs out before a game is
complete, it will be considered a complete game if the player in the lead has scored 8 points and leads by two or more.
• Either a coin flip or a lag may be used to determine who will serve first in the first game. This is to be decided by mutual
agreement of the players. The loser of the flip/lag will serve first in the second game. A second flip/lag will be used to determine
the first server in the final game.
• The league standings will be based on the total number of games won/lost (based on the percentage of games won of the total games
• In the event of no-shows, the player showing shall receive the equivalent of winning three games and the player not showing shall
receive the equivalent of losing three games. NO SHOWS can be declared if the player is not ready to play 15 minutes after the
scheduled starting time.

Reschedules and Substitutes

In the event a player is unable to play at the scheduled time, that player should contact both the Program Director and their opponent. The games can be rescheduled. If the game is to be rescheduled, the lead player must cancel the original court at the YMCA 24 hours prior to scheduled games. The make-up game must be made up during non-league hours at the Fairborn YMCA and should be completed within one week of the originally scheduled game. League reservations can be made by the lead player only.

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